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2024 Player Evaluations

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2024 Select Player Evaluations  

Evaluation Schedule- at Bear Brand Park

2014 Birth Year- February 27th and 28th-4:15pm-5:30pm

2013 Birth YearFebruary 27th and 28th-5:30pm-6:45pm

2012 Birth Year February 27th and 28th-6:45pm-8:00pm

2010-2011more information coming soon 

2009-2006 Birth Years- more information coming soon 

Evaluations held at Bear Brand Park
32385 Park Rd
Laguna Niguel 

Don't forget to wear soccer cleats and shin guards. Also, bring water and wear comfortable layered (could be cold) athletic clothes. 

Select Soccer

“Each year many recreational-based soccer families are faced with a dilemma: continue playing recreational soccer or make the big “jump” to club soccer. For years, there has been an expressed desire for an opportunity for youths to play soccer at a level between recreational play and the highly-committed club experience. Hence, the creation of the Signature League gaming circuit in 2002.”

LNYSA has built upon this great beginning in introducing Select Soccer (formerly Signature League) Select Soccer builds on all the previous great components such as Advanced recreational play, localized playing circuits, low participation costs and access to great USSoccer grassroots trained & licensed coaches.   

Select Soccer is a natural progression, or transition, for players wishing to play at a higher Recreational level, while retaining many of the benefits of a recreational schedule at a low cost.

Register for Times & Dates for Player Evaluation sessions for the 2024/2025 Season

The Select leagues are “localized” playing circuits formed by eligible recreational & competitive leagues coming together. Individual leagues create teams via a player selection process after attending 1-2 player evaluations with the team. Each league is responsible for publishing their individual rules and guidelines, relative to coach and player selection. A Select Director, responsible for coordinating all aspects of the playing circuit, coordinates each Select League in the playing circuit. Promotion of player development is of paramount importance. 


Here are the separate fees you can expect as your team prepares for the season:

LNYSA Select player fee will be assessed at registration. There will also be additional costs for players including uniform costs and referee fees. The costs for the Select program are approximately $500 in total for each player in the Fall Season. Here is an estimated breakdown of costs per player:

-LNYSA Select Player Registration fee: $299
-Uniform: $160 to $190
-Game-Day Referee fees: $20 to $50 (covers 10-12 games each Season)
-Team fee (misc. training, tournaments, etc.): Depends on team

Approximate total cost : $500 per player (includes uniform purchase)

LNYSA Player Registration – typically due after evaluations/selection/placement. After your child has been selected for a team, training will start in July. Select Player registration costs more than recreational player costs as this covers the cost to register a team in the Select League, extended training time, field usage, field lights, and pays for several sessions with Laguna United Club coaches and  keeper training.

Select Uniforms – All Select players need to place uniform orders in June
New players need to order/buy a full Select kit.
Returning players may be able to save on uniform costs depending on what items they need to update.
New uniform kit costs are $160 to $190

Referee Fees – typically due in September, cost ranges from $20-$50 per player. This fee can vary depending on the number of games, how many players on the team, and which division you are participating in.

Extra Costs – Some teams pursue training or events to enhance the experience and development of their Select players. These additional costs are at the discretion of the parents and coaches. These costs might include spirit wear, outer garments, training equipment, tournaments, and/or additional professional training from sanctioned, vetted staff.  


Player Evaluations are scheduled by age in the Jan-March period.  Team Selection is completed in the April/May period but it can be sooner. Practices begin in mid-July. The season duration is similar to the LNYSA recreational program. Teams begin matches at the beginning of September and finish their season in mid-December. The Spring session is not mandatory for Select players, but strongly encouraged.  Parents are asked to follow the set Game Day behavioral code on the sideline at games. 


Unlike the recreational playing circuit, Select teams are formed in one-year age group increments. For example: B2014/G2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007, are each separate divisions Girls/Boys. No player is permitted to “play down,” and any player requesting to “play up” must first pursue the approval of the Select Director. 


  • 2014-2013 plays 7v7 with a maximum roster size of 12; play with ball size 4
  • 2012-2011 plays 9v9 with a maximum roster size of 16; play with ball size 4
  • 2010-2007 plays 11v11 with a maximum roster size of 18; play with ball size 5
  • Free substitution with the stipulation that each player must play 50% of every match


Players are selected via a thorough Evaluation process. The process involves at least 2 Evaluation sessions that are open to any player. These sessions are concluded by April when the teams are formed. Coaches and/or league-designated officials attend these Evaluations to evaluate the players. Final selection of a roster requires LNYSA Coach Administration approval. The selection process includes evaluating the following attributes of a player:

  • Technique/ball handling skills
  • Level of maturity and aptitude for playing in a team environment
  • General attitude and sportsmanship


Anyone interested in coaching a Select team must meet certain criteria:

  • An application must be submitted to the LNYSA Select Division Director for consideration.
  • LNYSA requires a minimum of the 9v9 & 11v11 USSoccer Grassroots Coach License in order to coach in the Select playing circuit. The Grassroots commitment  involves 2 mid-week evenings for 2 hrs and a Saturday 1/2 day on-field Session conducted by a trained CalSouth Instructor.   The Coaching License Pathway consists of a series of courses designed to meet the specific needs of a coach at every step of the way. U.S. Soccer believes education is a journey, and our goal is to provide the necessary tools, guidance, and mentorship a coach requires along their way.
  • Life scan/Kid safe approved
  • SafeSport Approved
  • Concussion  & Cardiac Arrest Training

Final selection of coaches is done via a committee comprised of the LNYSA Coach Administration and designated league officials. Attributes that are reviewed for final selection are:

  • General soccer knowledge
  • Recommendations and/or references from within the community
  • Aptitude for teaching and working with youths

Current coaches within the program are required to meet certain standards in order to be approved to coach another term in the Fall season.  Select teams are considered to be player-centric and not coach-centric. The ultimate goal is to offer a positive experience for the youth that focuses on constructive player development. Coaches.

To apply to be a Select Coach please provide us with some information via this form listed here.  Thank you for your interest. 

For additional information please contact the LNYSA Select Director



1. What is Select Soccer, and how does it differ from recreational play or club soccer?

  • Select Soccer is a level between recreational and club soccer, offering a higher level of play with localized circuits, low costs, and USSoccer grassroots trained coaches. It provides a natural progression for players seeking a more competitive experience while retaining recreational benefits.

2. What are the costs associated with the Select Soccer program?

  • The estimated total cost per player for the Fall Season is approximately $500. This includes the LNYSA Select Player Registration fee, uniform costs, game-day referee fees, and potential team fees for training, tournaments, etc.

3. When and how do I pay the Select Player Registration fee?

  • The Select Player Registration fee is typically due after evaluations/selection/placement. This fee covers team registration, extended training, field usage, lights, and sessions with Laguna United Club coaches. Training starts in July after team selection. 

4. What is included in the uniform costs, and when do players need to order uniforms?

  • Uniform costs range from $160 to $190 per player. All Select players need to place uniform orders in June. New players may need a full kit, while returning players might update specific items.

5. Are there additional costs besides registration, uniform, and referee fees?

  • Some teams may pursue extra training or events. These costs are at the discretion of parents and coaches and may include spirit wear, outer garments, training equipment, tournaments, or additional professional training.

6. What is the duration of the Select Soccer season?

  • Player Evaluations are held from January to March, team selection is in April/May, and practices start in mid-July. The season runs from September to mid-December, with an optional Spring Season.  All parents are encouraged to follow the Game Day behavioral code.

7. How are age brackets determined for Select teams?

  • Select teams are formed in one-year age group increments, such as B2014/G2014, 2013, 2012, and so on. No player is allowed to "play down," and requests to "play up" require approval from the Select Director.

8. What are the field of play considerations for different age groups?

  • The format varies from 7v7 to 11v11, with different roster sizes and ball sizes for each age group. Free substitution is allowed with the condition that each player must play 50% of every match.

9. How are players and coaches selected for the Select Soccer program?

  • Players go through a thorough evaluation process, including open sessions and coach assessments. The final roster requires approval from LNYSA Coach Administration. Coaches must meet specific criteria, including coaching licenses, safety certifications, and approval by a committee.

10. How can someone apply to be a Select Coach?

  • Those interested in coaching a Select team must submit an application to the LNYSA Select Division Director. Coaches need at least the 9v9 & 11v11 USSoccer Grassroots Coach License, safety approvals, and should meet certain standards.

11. How can I get more information or contact the LNYSA Select Director?

  • For additional information, individuals can contact the LNYSA Select Director. Additionally, there is an application form available for those interested in becoming a Select Coach.

Select Uniforms


LNYSA is excited to announce a multi-year partnership with Capelli Sport. For the next six seasons, Capelli Sport will be the official and exclusive uniform, apparel, and equipment provider for the league. In addition to this, Capelli Sport will also provide off-field player and coach apparel, accessories, and equipment. This partnership will play a big role in LNYSA’s ongoing effort to improve the overall member experience. See the schedule below for uniform ordering. 


LNYSA typically hosts a Uniform Fit Night for any players/families that would like to test fit on the jersey shirts and shorts, otherwise there is an online size chart available for review.  Reach out to the Select Director on dates of fit nights.  



PARENT INSTRUCTIONS - WHAT TO DO TO ORDER YOUR PLAYER KIT (easier from a laptop or desktop device than from a mobile device) 

Review the Capelli Kit Size Chart
  (2) If you want to SEE the Kit size go to the Fit-Night 
  (3) Before going to the Store to buy your Kit know your players Jersey number on the Roster (ask your Coach) 
  (4) Make sure the data in the Store is correct ie Player Name and Jersey # (no exchanges) 
  (5) Go to the
 Capelli Uniform store to buy your players Kit
  (6)  Select Field Player Mandatory Kit, Your Team , Your Player (check that all info is correct) & choose sizes to place your order


Note: The Select Soccer Player Kits must be ordered on the LNYSA Online Store between June 1st - July 1st.  We will be sending out multiple reminders to families during this period. 

Player Kits must be ordered and purchased via online shop by July 1 for an early August delivery. Estimated date of delivery for Player Kits ordered by July 1, is August 1. Player Kits ordered after 7/1 are not guaranteed for August delivery given possible manufacturing and shipping delays. 

Players Kits are shipped direct to Parents, a shipping delivery email will be sent to the email address listed on the order detailing tracking information. 

Please check the Capelli Sport Sizing chart if you are unsure on your players uniform size. 



Changing a Placed Order - Once orders are placed & the order is in pre-production status and you will be unable to change the Order.  If you have a MUST HAVE change,  immediately email [email protected] with a copy of the order # clearly outlining your changes and the best way to reach you. Allow 2-3 days for a response Capelli Sport customer service. 


If your Team and/or Players are not listed on the Uniform Ordering Site complete the following steps.

  (1) Ensure all Players are Registered in Sports Connect
  (2) Complete the Uniform Roster excel sheet (template) with Unique Jersey#s
  (3) Name the excel template with your team name and email to [email protected] noting the team name, gender, year.


To Order your Select Uniform ensure you choose the

(2) Your TEAM
(3) Your PLAYER 

* Ensure the Player name and Jersey Number are correct  - if there are any problems email [email protected] outlining the issue


 To Order the Optional LNYSA CS II Select Team BackPack Click on the FIELD PLAYER OPTIONAL PLAYER TRAINING Tab 


Game Day Behavior Guidelines

Parents are asked to abide by the Game Day behavior Guidelines on the Soccer field during Seasonal games to avoid any issues during the Season. This is asked for the safety of all on the field and support of a  safe player culture for all parties.  

Game Day Behavior Guidelines:


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