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Winter 5 v 5 is Back!

Winter5v5v2REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Monday December 29, 2014

Games Start on January 10 until February 28 2015 – All Played in Laguna Niguel Rain or Shine

This program is open to all Players and Teams ranging from U7 to U14

Registration Deadline: After Monday December 29th 2014 Teams & Players will be waitlisted

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For the live 5v5 game schedule  – Click Here  – {updated 11am Jan 14th}



  • Team fees: $395/Team {CLOSED}
  • Individual players Fees: $60/player (for players registering individually & assigned to a team) {CLOSED}
  • Players and coaches can pick their own teams.
  • Guaranteed 8 games in a 5v5 gaming circuit.
  • Game format: 5 players on the field, 20-minute halves.
  • Open to Club, Signature, AllStar, Recreational & AYSO Rec, Matrix & Plus Teams.
  • Players not affiliated with a team will be placed on a team by LNYSA based on their ability & level.
  • Non-CalSouth registered players pay an additional $10 for insurance coverage.
  • Questions should go to winter@lnysa.org
  • Registered & confirmed teams will be able to see all the Winter 5v5
  • Order your Teams Tournament t-shirts for $5 per shirt (coaches to order)

This program is designed to be fun, pressure free & offer an opportunity for all to continue enjoying the beautiful game in between the Fall and Spring seasons.


Follow these 5 easy steps to play Winter 5v5 Soccer:

 Step 1   Register your team online  or register as an individual player
 Step 2   We will email you the payment link to pay your team fees or individual player fee
 Step 3   Enroll & pay the Calsouth player fee (only applicable if your player is a non-calsouth affiliated player i.e AYSO)
 Step 4   Order your teams 5v5 t-shirts (if needed or play in your club shirts)
 Step 5   Print your confirmation email ACCEPTING your Team or Player registration




Q. What is 5v5?  Check out some of our videos in the program to discover more about the program – Kids viewsCoach views

Q. What is the typical roster size for the 5v5?  Typical roster size is 7 or 8 players. Maximum roster size is 10 players. You can form two teams if you have more than 10 players. The team is picked by the coach. Additional players may also be placed on a team if they are not in an existing roster.

Q. Should I register my team now? You should register now. The fees and your roster are due by the deadline.

Q. When should I pay? You will be billed later in December and will need to pay by the deadline. You will receive a reminder email regarding payment.

Q. What do we do if my team can’t make a game on a certain weekend? We advise that coaches look at the Make up Game dates, then connect and agree to play the game on a different date  – go here to book one of the published make-up slots using the online form.

Q. Are there any practices? Winter program does not include any practices. Teams may be practicing in their own league (e.g., club teams). LNYSA/LUFC does not provide any practice fields during winter.

Q. When will the games be held? Winter program games will be on Saturdays; some days may include 2 matches.

Q. Do I need uniforms? You can use your own uniform if you have one from the Fall season.  Or you can purchase 5v5 logo’d League t-shirts, which teams can use if they don’t have a uniform. There will be four color t-shirts to choose. The cost per shirt will be $5. Click here to order Winter 5v5 shirts. 

Q. What will the t-shirts look like? You the t-shirts will come in four colors and have a Winter 5v5 logo on the front of the shirt  – see the logo  –  5v5 logo’d League t-shirts,

Q. How is my team’s age group determined? Your age group will be based on your Fall 2014 season.

Q. Will recreational teams be playing against club teams? No. We will have a minimum of 2 tiers for recreational and club/signature level teams. We may have 3 tiers depending on the number of teams in each age group.

Q. Is there any additional fee other than the team fee of $395 or the individual player reg fee of $60/player? No. There are no additional fees.

Q. Is there going to be a goalie? Yes. 5v5 including the keeper.

Q. Is there a Registration Day? No , we are asking teams or individual players to register online when the online registration link is live.

Q. How do Parents pay player fees? Parents should checks to coaches/team Admins for them to register the team and pay the team fee of $395.  If you want to register your child but your are not associated with a team you will need to pay a player fee of $60, register here <coming soon> and we will place you on a team.

Q. I played in the recreational league during Fall. Would I be playing against club or signature teams during Winter 5v5? No. There will be a minimum of two tiers: Recreational and Competitive (Club, Signature).


Q. Where will the games be played? Games will be played on best in class synthetic turf fields in Laguna Niguel. Fields include Alicia , Crown Valley Lower and La Paz


Q. What size fields are used for 5v5? The games are played on the micro fields on the synthetic turf.  For instance one of the fields is Alicia park. Three micro fields are already pre-lined on Alicia for 5v5 use. The approximate dimensions of each micro field is 170ft long by 100ft wide with 6×12 goals on each micro field.

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