Aug 20

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What Should We Bring to the First Practice?

Soccer PracticePractices for Fall 2014 started the week of August 25th for U9-U19 players. Optional U6-U8 practices will start the week of September 8th. Your child’s coach will contact you with the field and time. The practice plan is also posted online. If you’re not sure where the field is, you can get maps & directions to all LNYSA fields here. At practices, all players are expected to bring athletic shoes (soccer cleats – no metal cleats or baseball shoes) shin guards, socks that cover shin guards, a ball, and plenty of water. Different age groups use different ball sizes:

U5 – U8 : Size 3               U9 – U12 : Size 4                       U14 – U19 : Size 5

Parents, please collect your players on time after each practice session. We also want to see a parent advocate at the field at all times if a coach is a different gender than the team, that is, a female parent advocate needs to be at the field during a girl’s team practice session that has a male coach. This is to protect both the coaches and the players. If players need to visit the bathroom during a practice session, they should be chaperoned by the parent advocate. Finally, to help maintain our fields, kindly remember not to leave empty water bottles on the field.

We look forward to a great season together with you and your child. Thank you for participating in LNYSA soccer.

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