May 24

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Kidsafe Policies at Training/Practices

LNYSA CoachCoach Notice:

As has been the League policy since 2008,  coaches and teams are NOT allowed to invite unauthorized trainers to team practices or games. If any coach wishes to use a trainer or have help regarding team training they must email Coach Administration who will offer a list of approved authorized trainers.  Under No circumstances are non authorized or unlicensed coaches allowed to participate in LNYSA sanctioned events such as practices, games, etc.  This request is made for the safety of the players and for the protection of the LNYSA volunteers.


Excerpt From the LNYSA Handbook:  “Kidsafe Policies at Training/Practices  – All practices shall be conducted by a licensed and livescanned coach who is approved by LNYSA. A team parent or other individual that does not have the appropriate coaching credential and livescan approval and who is not registered with LNYSA as a coach is NOT allowed to run any kind of training or practice sessions. At all practices for all age groups, an adult of the same gender as the players (‘the Kidsafe representative) must be present for the entire duration of the practice, up to and including the time the last player leaves under the supervision of a parent,guardian or designated adult representative. The coach and/or the Kidsafe representative must not leave the field until the time the last player leaves under the supervision of a parent, guardian or designated adult representative.

At no time shall players, coaches, trainers or teams that are not affiliated with LNYSA be allowed to use LNYSA permitted fields during practice or training times. Coaches may not invite outside trainers to help with training or practices without the express written permission of LNYSA Coach Administration. If a team desires to arrange a scrimmage with players that are not affiliated with LNYSA, arrangements must be made in advance through the LNYSA field scheduler.”



What Is the LNYSA “KIDSAFE” Risk Management Program?
It is a one-time Live Scan digital submission providing the quickest way to submit and process background checks through the Department of Justice. This program notifies Cal South when subsequent arrest activity occurs and allows Cal South to make decisions that will minimize risk and keep kids safe, while protecting the best interest of our members, leagues and clubs.

If someone was fingerprinted for their job or for a School, will they still need to go through the process for LNYSA?
Yes. Due to the privacy act, information may not be shared from one agency to another. You will have to do the process again so the data is captured for Cal South (program operators of the KidSafe Risk Management Program) – LNYSA bring in accredited service providers at major events offering this service free to LNYSA volunteers.

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