Sep 14

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TopSoccer Testimonials


LNYSA is delighted and proud to support a complete TOPSoccer program for special needs players this Fall.

TOPSoccer, The Outreach Program for Soccer, is a community-based soccer program for young athletes with physical and mental disabilities athlete that provides a safe and fun environment for their child to participate in organized sports. These athletes compete with athletes of similar abilities. Any youth player between the ages of 4-30 years old having a physical or mental disability that limits their ability to perform at the level of play they have chosen to participate is eligible for the program. Emphasis of this program is on development, training, and providing meaningful participation rather than on competition. TOPSoccer’s goal is to enable the thousands of young athletes with disabilities to become valued and successful members of Cal South.  You can learn more about TOPSoccer here or Review Our Online Resource Area for more docs on the TopSoccer Program

Here is what parents say about the program:

” My son, Kiran, was diagnosed with autism when he was 18 months old. For the next three years, he had no understanding of basic concepts such as communication, friendship, or understanding his own emotions. At age 4, my wife and I signed him up for TOPS (or VIP) soccer.  We wanted him to engage in a physical team-oriented activity in a safe and comfortable environment.  As a father, I figured sports was a way for my son and I to bond.  Kiran’s first soccer season was challenging, to the say the least!  He spent every practice and game oscillating between throwing tantrums on the field and running to the parking lot.  I was severely disappointed.  I wasn’t sure how this was going to work.  The patience and understanding of the coaches and other parents kept us going.  We decided to sign Kiran up for a second season.  This time, he spent a lot of his time laying on the ground and just staring at blades of grass.  After a few weeks, he really started to enjoy the end-of-game ceremony where everyone chanted his name while he kicked a ball into the goal.  Amazingly, he was starting to have fun.  By his third season, Kiran was scoring goals, running around, laughing, and during breaks, ASKING to play soccer. Every time he runs off the field during a break, he gives me a big hug.   He notices his team mates and even recognizes a couple of them as friends.  He understands that he is having fun and is excited.  The TOPS program has been an amazing therapy program for my son,  but most of all, it’s been a lot of fun for all of us.  Thank you. “

To Join the program – The fee to participate in LNYSA TOPSoccer is $50 per player.  You can register for TOPSoccer at LNYSA-tops-2011.sportsaffinity.com

Complete Instructions on how to register ONLINE for TOPSoccer are available here.

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