Jan 16

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Top Honors for LNYSA Signature Program and Coaches!

Parents, Players, Coaches, and Board Members,

What a tremendously successful and enjoyable Fall season for our Signature Program last year!

The 2014 Signature season ended with the GU13 team clinching the Championship Title on December 20.  And, on top of that, seven of 15 LNYSA teams were Champions and two teams were Finalists.

Congratulations to all our Signature teams for their participation and performance last season!


The LNYSA Signature Program Reaches a New Level of Excellence!

Dear Coaches,

Since the inception of the LNYSA Signature program in 2008, the 2014 season has become the most successful to date.  We have a very skilled pool of players in Laguna Niguel that was instrumental in winning games all season long.  In addition, we have also been fortunate in assembling a very talented and mindful coaching staff, focused on the development of young soccer players from U9-U15. This attribute of our program is a significant reason why LNYSA earned the privilege to send multiple teams to the 2014 Championship round.

Congratulations to the players, families, and coaching staff for an unprecedented season of play, support, and achievement!


GU9 Champions                                            Flight A
BU9 Finalist                                                    Flight A
GU10 Finalist                                                  Flight A
GU11 Champions                                          Flight A
BU12 Champions                                          Flight A
GU13 Champions                                          Flight A
BU13 Champions                                          Flight A
BU14 Champions                                          Flight B
BU15 Champions                                          Flight A
Best regards,
Kevin Swanson

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