Nov 05

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The Human Side of the Game

Parents In SportAs we are going about the daily operations of a youth sports league, we witness a lot of interesting events and hear countless stories and feedback from players, parents, and volunteers. A couple of questions come up every season: Are your children having the same experiences with youth sports that you had when you were growing up? Are the kids enjoying those experiences? Clearly, we live in a different world today—most of us did not have cell phones until after college; we remember the days of pick-up soccer games in the street and being home just before dark in order to eat a meal. But, there is little debate today over the value of kids playing sports and staying active. Have we strayed from this objective? Are parents going too far? Is it true that “we no longer value participation and we only value excellence in sports?”

As we contemplated these questions, our experienced youth sports staff reviewed and compiled a number of youth sports articles framed in a magazine called The Human Side of Youth Sports. We believe the topics covered and views shared by the expert authors in our magazine raise some thought-provoking questions. Please click below to read some of these perspectives. In addition to this collection of thoughts, we are also active supporters of a nationally acclaimed author and speaker, John O’Sullivan and his Changing the Game Project. Feel free to check out his blog and “Join The Movement!” Also check out some of the Team at the Changing the Game project  , Click here to see Coach Reed’s amazing TEDX Cincinnati talk on “The Power of a Coach’s Words

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