Sep 05

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Ten Things for Coaches to Remember

Welcome to the new season. We want this to be the best possible experience for the players, parents and you. Here are ten things to remember every week to help make this a great season:

1. Have Fun!!! Make sure the kids have fun! Make sure the parents  have fun!!  Listen to yourself and the way you talk to your players. If you’re not having fun, get off the field, go to your car and listen to the Moonlight Sonata. Or Bach.  Or Norah Jones. Not Metallica. Then come back and have some fun.

2. Rules are rules:  Please review the playing guidelines for your age group in the LNYSA 2014 Handbook.  There have been some changes in some divisions this year.

3.  You’re the Coach.  Wear your coach shirts – let the referee know who is in charge of the sideline. Remember, you have only ONE assistant on the sideline – make sure he/she wears the coach’s shirt too. Also, try to look like a coach, not Laird Hamilton. Flip-flops and board shorts look good on the beach, not the pitch. If you don’t have a shirt then contact LNYSA Coach Administration to get one. No license translates into no shirt.

Remind your parents that you’re the coach.  Parents should cheer from the sidelines.  We ask that parents not cheer from the endlines – ask them not to go beyond the 18 yard line (top of the penalty box) or to the opponents’ side of the field.

4. The Referee is your Friend – Remember the refs are volunteers.  Many are still learning the game. Don’t challenge the referee on any call during or after the match.  Also, if you, an assistant or a parent challenges, argues or verbally criticizes any of our youth referees, the head coach and the person who makes the challenge will be subject to immediate suspension/discipline. Furthermore they will be asked to referee a couple of games so they develop an appreciation for the position.

You and your assistant should stay inside the coaches’ technical area the entire time unless asked by the referee to step into the field. The technical area is usually marked on the sideline – or remember to always stay back three feet from the touchline and to never go beyond the width of the center circle on the field.

5. Coaches are like Scouts: Be prepared – know in advance when you are going to substitute/rotate players during breaks.  Remember – each child should play 3/4 of the match.  We know some teams/games will have one or two players who don’t play three quarters. Make sure that player plays three quarters during the next match.

Print your lineup card for the referee in advance.  Download the card, fill it out in advance and print it out before each game.You will find the cards on the LNYSA web site.

6. Drink before you have to! Remember the importance of proper hydration, especially in the early part of the season while it is hot. Make sure your players are drinking plenty of water before, during and after games and practices. Know the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke and what to do. Please review the US Youth Soccer Heat and Hydration Guidelines.

7. Kidsafe:   Have basic first aid, including ice or ice packs at all games and practices. Is there an adult of the same gender of the players at all practices?  Have you assigned a Kidsafe mom/dad for each practice?

8. Respect the Fields.  We have the best fields in Orange County. Let’s keep them that way.  Please ask your parents to sign up for field set up and clean up duties using the Field Volunteer Sign up sheet.  We will provide an email reminder and instructions to everybody who signs up.

9. Field set-up and take down.  BE RESPONSIBLE. If your match is the first match of the day, please make sure that you have a parent arrive early and stripe the fields and set flags. For youngers, this includes setting up goals. If your match is the last match of the day, make sure flags and goals are put away and the lockers are locked.  Last year we spent a couple thousand dollars on lost/stolen equipment that was not put away after matches.  Your division director will provide the locker combination for your field(s).

10. Last but not least:
They’re just kids.
– It’s just a game.
– They’re just kids playing a game FOR FUN

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