Sep 10

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Soccer and Earrings

Every year at the beginning of the season, children and parents are surprised and confused when a referee or coach tells a player that she is not allowed to play while wearing earrings. LNYSA’s rules state very clearly that a player is not allowed to wear earrings or any other jewelry during a match or practice. This rule is in place to minimize the risk of injury to the player and others during play.  LNYSA is required by Calsouth to conform to this rule. It is a condition of LNYSA’s liability insurance and exceptions can not be made in any circumstance.

Parents often ask if it acceptable to cover earrings with tape or bandages during the game. The answer is no; the earrings must be removed. The types of injuries that can occur, even at the youngest ages, will not be prevented by covering the earring. Injuries can include sharp posts being driven into the neck and earring studs being driven into the earlobe from the front, which then often have to be surgically removed from the earlobe. The force of a kicked soccer ball, even by a very young player can cause these types of injuries.

Many people say that taking earrings out even for an hour will cause the pierced hole to close . Every person is different and piercings heal and close at different rates. Doctors and reputable earring dispensers point out that when a piercing occurs, the hole is actually larger immediately after being pierced and will eventually heal smaller. It is highly unlikely that a piercing will close in a matter of an hour or two. The more immediate risk from removing an earring soon after piercing is that infection can occur. The best way to prevent infection is to use a commercially available ear care antiseptic solution to clean both the ear lobe and the earing post immediately after removing the earring and immediately before replacing it. A popular solution can be purchased on Amazon for about $4 – http://amzn.to/OBaDCp. If you think your child’s ears will `close up’ quickly, bring solution to the field, remove the earrings right before warm up. Immediately after the game, clean the earrings and the ear and put replace them.

Parents, please talk to your children about this rule before the games. Help them understand that we have to ensure that everybody follows the same rules for safety. If you are convinced that ears will close when removing them, then ask if it’s okay to get the ears `re-pierced’ after the soccer season is over.

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