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Signature Supplemental Fees for 2015

After reviewing costs and budgets, the supplemental Signature Fee for the Fall 2015 season has been set at $160. Please read the instructions and fill out the form below to pay the supplemental fee.

Per LNYSA Policy, the supplemental Signature fees will not exceed $200.00 for the fall season. Supplemental fees assessed to Signature players cover practice and uniform kits, coach polo shirts, gaming circuit charges mandated by Cal South, field and light usage billed by the city and several team training sessions conducted by professional coaches. The additional dues do not cover referee fees (typically $35-$60 per family for a complete season) or authorized summer tournaments expenses.

LNYSA appreciates prompt payment of this fee as it funds the Signature program that is already well under way. After you fill out the information below and hit SUBMIT, you will be brought to a secure payment screen managed by our payment processor, Paypal.  You are NOT required to have a Paypal account to pay the fee.  Near the bottom of the payment screen, you will see an option to pay by credit card or debit card that you can choose if you do not have a Paypal account.

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