Jan 08

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Save Harbor Park

Baby BeachIS PROFIT GOOD? Most would say yes… Should it be the defining reason driving all endeavours?

As a Youth soccer program, supporting a Community backed program we run at break-even. We are a non-profit organization.

When we hear of other youth programs that are non-profits that are threatened by ONLY for profit motives we think you might want to know.

Dana Point Harbor Department is proposing to privatize the area in the Harbor Park for commercial use/ for profit use.  If this proposal is passed by the City of Dana Point, the park would be destroyed and the people of Orange County would lose an important and valuable public asset. The goal of the Save Harbor Park campaign is to keep the Dana Point Sea Base public and available to a number of non-profit agencies that use the Orange County Sailing and Events Center (OCSEC) and provide a great service to the locals in the area.  The Mariners 936 has been using the Dana Point Harbor for over 40 years. They are currently the largest and most successful Sea Scouts in the western United States, with over 100 youths in the program every year.

Mariners 936 has provided thousands of young men and women with the opportunity to learn sailing and maritime skills, develop character, and experience leadership.

Support the SAVE THE HARBOR campaign by liking their facebook page & join more than 3400 others like you by signing the Save the Harbor petition before Friday, January 22nd.

Your ACTION can make a difference please sign the petition before January 22nd.

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          Save Harbor Park! http://chn.ge/1RNinSo




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