Apr 10

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Registration for Fall 2013 is now open

LNYSA is delighted to open on-line registration for the Fall 2013 Season. We hope that by using this web based enrollment system for all players, we save parents’ time, volunteers’ time and we have a smooth start of our Fall season so we can quickly place over 2500 players on fields this Fall.

Click here to register online

In order to register on line, you must pay by credit card or debit card linked to a bank account. Fees will only be charged once players are accepted. A confirmation email will be sent to you once players are Accepted and fees are charged. If you can not pay on-line please send an email to support@lnysa.org for details on how to register.   Players who cancel their registration after August 1, 2013 will not receive a refund.

Fees Before
July 1
After July 1
Mini-Kickers Under 04 95.00 95.00
Under 05 95.00 95.00
Under 06 130.00 150.00
REC-Local Under 07 130.00 150.00
Under 08 130.00 150.00
Under 09 130.00 150.00
Under 10 130.00 150.00
Under 11 130.00 150.00
Under 12 130.00 150.00
Under 13 130.00 150.00
Under 14 130.00 150.00
Under 15 130.00 150.00
REC-Travel Under 16 145.00 165.00
Under 17 145.00 165.00
Under 18 145.00 165.00
Under 19 145.00 165.00
Supplemental Signature Fee 100.00


Here are a few items to think about when registering for the Fall Season:

If you plan to coach or referee please register as a volunteer when you register your son or daughter for the Fall Season

If you plan to coach or referee in the Fall please contact your division director and  register as a coach (click here for instructions)

If you have registration questions, please contact the LNYSA Registrar, Vickie Conner

If you have questions regarding the Mini-Kickers program, please contact Kimberly Pearson , Mini-Kickers Program Director

If you have general questions regarding our Fall Soccer Programs programs please email the relevant LNYSA Division Director

If you have questions regarding the Signature program, please contact Kevin Swanson

Review the Age Matrix for the 2013/14 Season


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