Jun 05

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Referee FAQ

Q. I am a new referee and do not have any certifications. What classes do I need to take?

A. Recreational Referee (R9) will certify you to referee games for U14 and Younger.

Q. I have a Regional Referee Badge from another soccer organization, Do I need to take the R9 module?

A. If you are going to referee only in LNYSA, your badge is transferable. If you want to referee in other CalSouth affiliated leagues and tournaments, including Signature, All-Star and Commissioner’s Cup,  you will need to take the R8 class.

Q. I have an Intermediate or Advanced Referee Badge, do I need to take the R9 module?

A. No. There is a cross certification available that gives you an R8 USSF Certification.

Q. Is there a Safe Haven Class requirement in LNYSA?

A. Your R9 or R8 class includes material regarding ‘safe environments’ for your child. CalSouth goes one step further by providing a KidSafe program including digital submissions of fingerprints through Live Scan technology. Please click here for more information about Live Scan and the required forms.  Live Scan provides for a seamless integration into the California Department of Justice Subsequent Arrest Notification program.  What does this mean to you?  CalSouth and LNYSA are about protecting the best interest of our players and league.

Q. I have more than one referee with the same email address and have difficulty to login to referee scheduling.  What am I  doing wrong?

A. If you have more than one referee with the same email address on file,  here is how it works:  The first referee gets the email address as his/her username like myemail@yahoo.com  the next one gets the same email address appended with a number 2  like  myemail@yahoo.com2.   If there is a third one, then 3 is appended as in myemail@yahoo.com3.  Email messages would still be delivered to your correct email address.

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