Sep 14

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Photo Day is Sunday, September 25, 2016


As part of a membership to LNYSA, each player is offered to receive free team and personal photos.

LNYSA Photo Day will be held Sunday, September 25, 2016 at Moulton Elementary School (click here for Google Map). Team schedules are posted below. Please plan to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your scheduled time. In addition, please ensure that your player brings their completed photo form. Photo forms will be distributed to each player (by your team’s head coach) prior to photo day.

There will be a make-up day for individuals who are unable to attend on September 25 (see below). There will be no make-up day for teams that cannot attend.

Fall 2016 Individual Photo MAKE-UP Day
When:         Sunday, October 2, 2016
Time:          10:00 am to 11:00 am
Where:        Moulton Elementary School


  • Players should wear their uniform, but no need for shin guards or a ball.
  • Each player should arrive with their photo form already filled out. Please complete the entire info section of the form. If a player is interested in only the free photo package (included with their LNYSA registration), please check the box notes as “Registration.”
  • Make-Up photos are for individual players only and will be taken on a first come, first served basis.
  • Don’t forget to visit our vendors while at photo day:  Lil’Shavers (shaved ice), Ball Park Pizza, and Brand U for your LNYSA logo wear.

For questions, please email:  photos@lnysa.org                  

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Moulton Elementary School

Head Coach/Team Photo Time   Head Coach/Team Photo Time   Head Coach/Team Photo Time
LNYSA TOPS (ALL) 10:00 AM B2009 Obrien 11:50 AM G2010 Gray 1:10 PM
Mini Kickers (B/G) 10:00 AM B2008 Benner 11:50 AM G2010 Mckernan 1:10 PM
B2008 Reynosa 10:10 AM B2008 Chade 11:50 AM G2010 Panduro 1:10 PM
B2011 Allen 11:00 AM B2008 Colcord 11:50 AM G2005/06 Panduro 1:10 PM
B2011 Cleary 11:00 AM B2008 Diaz 11:50 AM G2010 Rottach 1:20 PM
B2009 Cleary 11:00 AM B2008 Gonzalez 12:10 PM G2009 Dowd 1:20 PM
B2011 Cohan 11:00 AM B2008 Nelligan 12:10 PM G2009 Richardson 1:20 PM
B2011 Hodjat 11:00 AM B2008 Svrakov 12:10 PM G2009 Rusin 1:20 PM
B2011 Laier 11:00 AM B2007 Capel 12:10 PM Signature Rusin 1:20 PM
B2011 Medina 11:00 AM B2007 Cooper 12:10 PM G2007/08 Blasingham 1:20 PM
Signature Medina 11:00 AM G2010 Cooper 12:10 PM G2007/08 Gottdank 1:30 PM
B2011 Murray 11:10 AM B2007 Prestridge 12:20 PM G2007/08 Hirakawa 1:30 PM
B2011 Rosiak 11:10 AM B2007 Reeve 12:20 PM G2007/08 Katic 1:30 PM
B2011 Waltzman 11:10 AM B2007 Tarzia 12:20 PM G2007/08 McCraw 1:30 PM
B2009 Waltzman 11:10 AM B2007 Wettengel 12:20 PM G2007/08 Rasor 1:40 PM
B2010 Biondolillo 11:10 AM B2007 Wissler 12:20 PM G2007/08 Zimmerman 1:40 PM
G2009 Biondolillo 11:10 AM B2005/06 Houldsworth 12:20 PM G2005/06 Hellewell 1:40 PM
B2010 Carpino 11:10 AM G2009 Houldsworth 12:20 PM G2005/06 Stewart 1:40 PM
B2010 Dalby 11:20 AM B2005/06 Marantz 12:40 PM G2003/04 Carbone 1:40 PM
B2010 Grguric 11:20 AM G2007/08 Marantz 12:40 PM G2003/04 Reed 1:40 PM
B2010 O’Farrell 11:20 AM B2005/06 Noonan 12:40 PM Signature Ruggerello 1:40 PM
B2010 Slavick 11:20 AM B2005/06 Schlaich 12:40 PM Signature Matossian 1:50 PM
B2010 Walker 11:20 AM B2003/04 Checkwood 12:40 PM Signature Jackson 1:50 PM
G2011 Walker 11:20 AM B2003/04 Engel 12:40 PM Signature Harvey 1:50 PM
B2010 Ward 11:20 AM B2003/04 Klause 12:40 PM Signature Gerry 1:50 PM
B2009 Ameli 11:40 AM B2003/04 Oliveira 12:50 PM Signature Clements 1:50 PM
B2009 Barnett 11:40 AM B1998/2000 Cahillane 12:50 PM Signature Bucaro 1:50 PM
B2009 DeWees 11:40 AM B1998/2000 Carniello 12:50 PM Signature Ashcroft 1:50 PM
G2005/06 DeWees 11:40 AM G2011 Fry 12:50 PM Signature Alcantara 2:10 PM
B2009 Dowling 11:40 AM G2011 Gerstein 12:50 PM Signature Vandenberg 2:10 PM
B2009 Goularte 11:40 AM G2011 Thai 12:50 PM Signature Van Dusen 2:10 PM
B2009 Jepsen 11:40 AM G2011 Thompson 12:50 PM Signature Naujock 2:10 PM
G2009 Lisser 11:40 AM G2011 Williams 1:10 PM Signature Janavicius 2:10 PM
B2009 Lauderbach 11:50 AM G2010 Brian 1:10 PM Signature Grguric 2:10 PM
B2009 Montgomery 11:50 AM G2010 Fichter 1:10 PM Signature Bauman 2:10 PM

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