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Photo Day is Sunday, September 24, 2017


As part of a membership to LNYSA, each player is offered to receive one free team and personal photo packet.

LNYSA Photo Day will be held Sunday, September 24, 2017 at Moulton Elementary School (29851 Highlands Ave, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677; click here for Google Map). Team schedules are posted below. Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. In addition, please ensure that your player brings their completed photo form. Photo forms will be distributed to each player (by your team’s head coach) prior to photo day.

Individual players who are unable to attend Photo Day on September 24 may attend the Individual Photo Make Up Day (see below). There will be no make-up day for teams that cannot attend.

Fall 2017 Individual Photo MAKE-UP Day
When:         Sunday, October 1, 2017
Time:           9:00 am to 11:00 am
Where:        Moulton Elementary School


  • Players should wear their uniform, but no need for shin guards or a ball.
  • Each player should arrive with their photo form already filled out. Please complete the entire info section of the form. If a player is interested in the free photo package only (included with their LNYSA registration), please check the box notes as “Registration.”
  • Make-Up photos are for individual players only and will be taken on a first come, first served basis.
  • Don’t forget to visit our vendors during photo day: Ball Park Pizza, L’ll Shavers Hawaiian Ice, BrandU, in addition to our photo provider, The House of Portraits.

For questions, please click here.           

Sunday, September 24, 2017
Moulton Elementary School

Head Coach/Team Photo Time Head Coach/Team Photo Time Head Coach/Team Photo Time
Mini Kickers Boys and Girls 8:30 AM Boys 2009-Borromei 10:40 AM Girls 2010-Bunge 11:50 AM
LNYSA TOPS Senior 1 8:30 AM Boys 2009-Brandmeier 10:40 AM Girls 2010-Cooper 11:50 AM
LNYSA TOPS Senior 2 8:30 AM Boys 2009-Dewees 10:50 AM Girls 2010-Gray 11:50 AM
LNYSA TOPS Junior 8:30 AM Boys 2009-Grguric 10:50 AM Girls 2010-Hashempour 11:50 AM
Signature – B2008 Red Jano 8:30 AM Signature – B2008 White Grguric 10:50 AM Girls 2010-Katic 12:00 PM
Boys 2010-Chieng 8:30 AM Boys 2009-Waltzman 10:50 AM Girls 2010-Leicester 12:00 PM
Boys 2006/07-Wissler 8:30 AM Boys 2008-Arreola 10:50 AM Girls 2010-McKelvie 12:00 PM
Boys 2012-Bothwell 10:00 AM Boys 2008-Cronin 10:50 AM Girls 2008/09-McKelvie 12:00 PM
Boys 2012-Capel 10:00 AM Boys 2008-Lugo 10:50 AM Girls 2010-McKernan 12:10 PM
Boys 2012-Kendall 10:00 AM Boys 2008-Obrien 10:50 AM Girls 2008/09-Ahuja 12:10 PM
Boys 2012-Mahoney 10:00 AM Boys 2008-Saint 10:50 AM Girls 2008/09-Blakeslee 12:10 PM
Boys 2012-Miller 10:00 AM Boys 2008-Tuinenburg 11:00 AM Girls 2008/09-Burton 12:10 PM
Boys 2012-OFarrell 10:00 AM Boys 2006/07-Mead 11:00 AM Girls 2008/09-Dowd 12:10 PM
Boys 2010-OFarrell 10:00 AM Boys 2006/07-Nieblas 11:00 AM Girls 2008/09-Hirakawa 12:10 PM
Boys 2012-Slavick 10:00 AM Boys 2006/07-Villacress 11:00 AM Girls 2008/09-Lisser 12:10 PM
Boys 2010-Slavick 10:00 AM Boys 2006/07-Wettengel 11:00 AM Girls 2008/09-Marantz 12:10 PM
Boys 2012-Strelec 10:10 AM B2004/05-Klause 11:10 AM Signature – B2005 Marantz 12:20 PM
Boys 2012-Varni 10:10 AM Boys 2004/05-Eicholtz 11:10 AM Girls 2008/09-Napuri 12:20 PM
Boys 2011-Allen 10:10 AM Boys 2004/05-Engel 11:10 AM Girls 2008/09-Nava 12:20 PM
Boys 2011-Aunyasi 10:10 AM Boys 2005/05-Svrakov 11:10 AM Girls 2008/09-Panduro 12:20 PM
Boys 2011-Clemente 10:10 AM Signature – B2009 White-Svrakov 11:10 AM Girls 2008/09-Prestridge 12:20 PM
Girls-Clements 10:10 AM Boys 2002/03-Hefter 11:10 AM Girls 2006/07-Coulston 12:20 PM
Boys 2011-Cohan 10:10 AM Boys 1999/2001-Carniello 11:30 AM Girls 2006/07-Horrocks 12:20 PM
Boys 2011-Hodjat 10:10 AM Girls 2012-Baker 11:30 AM Girls 2006/07-Pacheco 12:20 PM
Boys 2011-Huebner 10:10 AM Girls 2012-Barnes 11:30 AM Girls 2006/07-Weems 12:20 PM
Boys 2011-Lum 10:20 AM Girls 2012-Carpino 11:30 AM Girls 2004/05-Carbone 12:30 PM
Boys 2011-Mantucca 10:20 AM Boys 2010-Carpino 11:30 AM Girls 2004/05-Hellewell 12:30 PM
Girls 2008/09-Mantucca 10:20 AM Girls 2012-Gallo 11:30 AM Girls 2004/05-Salinas 12:30 PM
Boys 2011-Murray 10:20 AM Girls 2012-Huebner 11:40 AM Girls 2004/05-Telford 12:30 PM
Boys 2011-Pino 10:20 AM Girls 2012-Rasor 11:40 AM Signature – B2009 Red-Biondolillo 12:30 PM
Girls 2002/03-Pino 10:20 AM Girls 2008/09-Rasor 11:40 AM Signature – G2009 Rusin 12:30 PM
Boys 2006/07-Pino 10:20 AM Girls 2011-Cedeno 11:40 AM Signature – B2007 Red-Rusin 12:30 PM
Boys 2010-Cleary 10:20 AM Girls 2011-Fry 11:40 AM Signature – G2008-Medina 12:40 PM
Boys 2009-Cleary 10:20 AM Girls 2011-Garner 11:40 AM Signature – B2003 Medina 12:40 PM
Boys 2010-Costello 10:40 AM Boys 2010-Garner 11:40 AM Signature – B2007 White-Strauss 12:40 PM
Boys 2010-Flores 10:40 AM Girls 2011-Kislig 11:40 AM Signature – G2007 Bucaro 12:40 PM
Boys 2010-Gillest 10:40 AM Girls 2006/07-Kislig 11:40 AM Signature – B2006 Hoolihan 12:40 PM
Boys 2010-Hurt 10:40 AM Girls 2011-Moncayo 11:50 AM Signature – G2006 Alcantara 12:40 PM
Boys 2010-Jepsen 10:40 AM Girls 2011-Thai 11:50 AM Signature – G2005 Stewart 12:40 PM
Boys 2010-Schumacher 10:40 AM Girls 2011-Thompson 11:50 AM Signature – B2004 Bauman 12:40 PM
Boys 2009-Ameli 10:40 AM Girls 2011-Twigger 11:50 AM Signature – G2004 Ashcroft 12:40 PM
Girls 2011-Walker 11:50 AM


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