Jan 31

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Kids Playing a Game – The Philosophy behind Fantastic 4X4

The Fantastic 4v4 Program is an innovative program and from the outset it may seem a bit odd since there are no coaches and no teams. Many parents expect to see a trained coach, working with their child, teaching them the soccer skills. This is certainly a valid form of player development as hundreds of children successfully experienced during the Fall season.

Fantastic 4v4 is designed with a different purpose in mind.

Many progressive organizations that are focused on development of young players have come to the recognition that there is a missing element in our programs as it stands today. They have identified this missing element by tracing the developmental steps of the greatest players in the world. Many of these individuals have gone through a period of playing unorganized form of soccer on street corners and neighborhood playing courts. No coaches, referees, or other adults to tell them how to play the game. The players have formed teams themselves and set their own rules. This has given them the opportunity to experiment and to discover without the adult pressure and the fear of making mistakes.

LNYSA is trying to recreate an environment similar to what these advanced players have experienced during their early childhood development. The goal is to encourage players to play, have fun, and to enjoy the game.

Why no set coaches? – So the players can experiment on their own and discover the game. “The game is the best teacher”.

Why no set teams? – So players end up playing and observing different skills. This gives them the opportunity to copy others that they play with.

LNYSA will provide the playing facilities with an adult “facilitators” to help organize the games each Saturday. The program will include a player recognition component which will be focused on motivating players through positive encouragement.

Please don´t hesitate to email any questions or concerns that you may have w/r to the program. We will have a parent meeting for this program to describe the program in detail and to answer any questions you may have.

Kids football is all about the individual loving the game: dribbling and shooting, playing games and scoring goals, experimenting and copying. It is very simple and lots of fun. Adult football is all about the team and results. It is physical, tactical, complicated and very serious.” Tom Statham – Manchester United Academy

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