Jun 12

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LNYSA Volunteers – Thanks for Helping


A message from the LNYSA Board about volunteering.

Every time a player is registered to play in LNYSA, each family agrees to help out with league during the season.  LNYSA is run by a volunteer board and it depends on each family to make the best possible experience for our children.

The LNYSA board asks all families to follow through on their commitment so that our children can have the best possible experience when they play soccer this fall.   We are strongly encouraging families to help with referee duties – if we don’t have referees, we will not have games. Please use the links below to sign up for one or more volunteer activity.

We have many questions about the volunteer commitment – here are some answers to common questions:

We paid to play -why do we have to volunteer?   LNYSA asks all families to commit 2-4 hours per season helping with league activities.  Volunteer activities include:  coaching, refereeing, setting up fields, cleaning up fields, helping at Fall Festival, helping with our registration activities.  If we don’t receive volunteer assistance, we would have to pay referees, field maintenance crews, etc.  This would result in a substantial increase in registration fees.  This would put recreational soccer out of reach for many of our families.

I have more than one child?  Do I have to volunteer for each player?  No.  We ask that each family volunteer for one activity.

I already volunteer for my child’s team – do I have to volunteer for the league too? – Coaches and team parents (team manager, team mom, etc.) do not have to volunteer for a league activity – all others are asked to help with the league in addition to whatever you are doing for your child’s team.

Our family is very busy – Can I make a donation instead of signing up for an activity?  We prefer that you spend some time at a field or activity, but if you prefer to make a donation, you can donate $75 to help defray league costs by following this link. LNYSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donation may be tax deductible.

What is the time commitment?  The time commitment varies – our coaches and senior referees volunteer hundreds of hours each season, but we are only asking families for a 4 hour commitment over the course of the season.

I don’t remember signing up to volunteer. What did I agree to?  Every family that registers agrees to volunteer or to make a donation in lieu of volunteering.  When you responded to the parent survey, you signed up for an activity.  You will receive reminders to sign up during the season.

I can’t attend the activity I signed up for – whom do I contact?  If you need to cancel at the last minute, please get somebody from the family to take your place – it is difficult to find last minute replacements.  If you are going to have a problem meeting your commitment, please send an email to volunteers@lnysa.org.

What happens if I don’t show up?   If you don’t show up, it is likely that some kids will be disappointed because a game will be cancelled for lack of referees, or a field is not set up and ready for the day’s matches.  Other organizations have enforcement systems that penalize kids and teams if parents to follow up on commitments.  LNYSA has tried to avoid a system that penalized children and coaches who are doing their part.  We ask that all parents consider the quality of the their child’s experience playing soccer rather than trying to figure out how they can avoid their commitment.


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