Nov 18

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LNYSA Rec Champions 2014

championThe 2014 Fall Season for the U9-U14 teams has been a great journey.  It’s amazing to see the players improve over the season and enjoy the beautiful game of soccer.  We hope the parents and spectators enjoyed the games as much as we did, with some games going to over-time and P-Ks.


Congratulations to all the teams that competed this Season and a special shout-out to the U9-U14 Champions.   For the U10-U14 finalists going to the Commissioners Cup games on December 6,7,13 and 14 we wish you the best of luck in the Intercity Championships.


BU09 Champions – Team  – Herman-BU09  (coach Chris Herman & coach Heidi-Anne Mooney)
GU09 Champions – Team  – Rhorer-GU09  (coach Lisa Rhorer & coach Neil Alcantara)

BU10 Champions – Team – Horgan-BU10 (coach Dan Horgan)
GU10 Champions – Team – Graves-GU10 (coach Brian Graves & coach Jim Carbone)

BU12 Champions – Team  – Bauman-BU12 (coach Buzz Bauman)
GU12 Champions – Team  – Tomaiko-GU12 (coach Thomas Tomaiko)

BU14 Champions – Team  – Engel-BU14 (coach Jerry Engel)
GU14 Champions – Team  – Beitdashtoo-GU14 (coach Simon Beitdashtoo)


2ndPlaceFall 2014 Runners Up

BU09 Runners Up – Team  – Marantz-BU09 (coach Thomas Marantz)
GU09 Runners Up – Team  – LRYSA-GU09
BU10 Runners Up – Team  – Gerbosi-BU10 (coach Robert Gerbosi)
GU10 Runners Up – Team  – DeWees-GU10 (coach Jeffrey DeWees)
BU12 Runners Up – Team  – Crivello-BU12 (coach Sal Crivello)
GU12 Runners Up – Team  – Harris-GU12 (coach Mike Harris)
BU14 Runners Up – Team  – Williamson-BU14
GU14 Runners Up – Team  – Yousefi-GU14

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