Nov 02

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LNYSA All Star Program

LNYSA designed its All Star Program to recognize players not only for their soccer skills but also their sportsmanship, teamwork, coachability and attitude. The LNYSA board wants to provide these deserving players the opportunity to participate in practices and games against higher caliber competition in a safe, fun, and learning environment.

A committee oversees LNYSA´s All Star Program. The committee consists of members from Coach Administration, the All Star Director, and board members. Coaches submit an interest form for consideration to become an All Star coach. The committee reviews each application and selects the best candidates.

Fall coaches nominate U10-U14 players for consideration to participate in the All Star Program using the link below. The a All Star coaches watch games, evaluate players, and talk with coaches to determine the best candidates to participate in the All Star Progam. At a meeting overseen by the All Star committee, coaches select players for their teams.

[warning]Coaches Please nominate your AllStar Players here[/warning]


For the All Star season each division and gender will field one team. U10 roster sizes permit up to 12 players, U12 and U14 rosters permit up to 15 players. All Star teams will have at least one player from each Fall team in the same division.

Player notification begins in mid December. Coaches will call the player´s parents to inquire if the player would like to participate in the All Star Program. Participation in the All Star Program is by invitation only. It is the board’s desire that at least one player is selected for the All Star Program from each Fall team.

Practices begin in December and continue into January. Our teams participate in the Cal South Division 3 All Star Tournament in January.

Please direct questions regarding the All Star program to allstars@lnysa.org.

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