Feb 26

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Laguna United FC

Real Laguna, The Competitive Arm Of LNYSA And Laguna Niguel Soccer Club Are Joining Forces

Laguna Niguel, CA. – Feb. 26, 2012 – Real Laguna , the competitive arm of LNYSA and Laguna Niguel Soccer Club are joining forces to create a superior competitive soccer experience for the youth soccer players in Laguna Niguel.LNYSA and Laguna Niguel Soccer Club are pleased to announce the joint development of a new organization servicing the competitive soccer player base in Laguna Niguel. The new entity will be called Laguna United.

“Combining the assets and coaching staff of our organizations will enable us to offer a much better soccer experience to the families in our city, offering best in class training from coaches that really know the game and are heavily involved in the training of our kids in many of the high schools in the area, combined with incredible support from the City of Laguna Niguel and access to the best fields in the area and support from a leadership team that has been involved in competitive soccer for many years.I am excited to see the fusion of the two clubs so that we can really build a great competitive soccer platform addressing the needs of families in Laguna Niguel” Mark Thacker, President LNYSA.

“This outcome is really a win/win for both organizations, leveraging our joint assets, our joint passion for the great game of soccer, and setting up an incredible foundation to provide a best in class soccer experience for players in Laguna Niguel. The Competitive Soccer Steering Committee (CSSC) setup in early January has been able to set the stage for some very visionary thinking regarding what we will be able to do in the coming years and so I am delighted to be a foundational member of the CSSC so that we can make some great things happen for our combined player bases”. Angel Varela, President LNSC.

Leveraging the great heritage of LNSC and the organizational structure of LNYSA, the new organization, Laguna United, will continue to focus on offering great soccer programs to the residents of Laguna Niguel.LNYSA and Laguna United will offer programs to over 2700 players in Laguna Niguel providing access to a range of recreational programs, competitive play, yearly camps and player academy sessions with the mission of being the best youth soccer destination in the area.

The combined strengths of these organizations will enable Laguna United to support teams at every level of the competitive gaming circuit, underpinned by great coaches with access to state-of-the-art fields in Laguna Niguel.Youth players in Laguna Niguel wishing to participate in soccer will have access to a one-stop-shop addressing the needs of all types of players. Supporting over 30 competitive soccer teams, an unequaled Signature League program, and a range of recreational programs focused on fun and player development, all provided at a very reasonable cost- This is our mission and our promise to you!

If you have questions about Laguna United please read a few of the frequently asked questions on our web sites www.lnysa.org, www.lnsoccer.com, or www.reallaguna.orgorreach out directly to one of the CSSC leadership team Ali Diba, Phil Lamarche, Tim Hoolihan, Angel Varela or Andy Thomas at clubsoccer@lagunaunited.org and they will be happy to schedule a time to discuss the launch of Laguna United.

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