Aug 09

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which Division my child should play in?

To determine the appropriate division for your child please review the LNYSA player age matrix.  If you have a special request for a player to play up or down please contact your Division Director.   “Play-down”  requests have to be submitted to CALSOUTH with a copy of a doctor’s letter.  Contact our Registrar with the reason for the request and attach a letter from your doctor.

Can my child play up a Division?

In certain circumstances LNYSA authorizes a player to play up to the next Division.  We prefer the players to play soccer with kids in the same school year for both social and safety reasons.  If you feel very strongly that you want a player to play up a division please make sure you checked  “play-up” during the online registration process. You can login to your account and check this box even after registration.   Also email Coach Administration so that the request can be reviewed.  They will review factors such as age, skill level, size, health etc when reviewing these requests.

I went to Photo Day but I have not received my photos yet. What do I do?

LNYSA offers photos in the Fall Season only.  When an LNYSA member does not receive photos from Photo Day or the Makeup Photo Day they can request reprints by completing this form. The Photo Day coordinator will have reprints made and mailed to the parent.

I need to change a jersey/shorts/socks, what do I do?

In a small number of cases the uniform received either does not fit a player or a piece of the uniform is missing i.e socks.  To help us process these one-off orders please complete the supplemental order form (see forms under the About menu)

What size ball do I use?

If you have a player in the U5-U8 divisions they will need a size 3 ball.  For the U9-U12 division a size 4 ball is required. From U13 and up you will need a size 5 ball.

When & how do I sign up my child?

Online Registration for the Spring Season starts in December.  Online registration for the Fall starts in April each year.  We also provide a Walk-in registration opportunity and these dates are published on the LNYSA Calendar.

What is the time frame for forming teams and divisions in the Fall & Spring seasons?

  • For the fall Season LNYSA starts to form teams in early August.  Typically coaches start calling players during the 10th-20th of August. For the Spring Season teams form in early February and coaches start calling a few days there after.

What fields will we play on?

  • LNYSA is the largest youth sports organisation in Laguna Niguel and is lucky to enjoy some great facilities through its partnership with the City of Laguna Niguel. Our fields are listed on the web site.

What kind of coaching can we expect from LNYSA?

  • We have over 250 great volunteers that offer their time to teach the wonderful game of soccer.  They are trained and many have years of experience.
  • LNYSA will continue to train coaches under the USSF Coaching Program. We have over 60 E Licensed coaches.  Many have D Licenses.  A few have C Licenses
  • Coaching clinics are conducted through out the summer to train coaches.
  • If you are interested in coaching we encourage you to sign up for coaching clinics.
  • There will also be a Women´s Coaching Alliance program to encourage women to get involved in coaching! Women make excellent coaches!

What if I have two kids in two different divisions and one division is filled and one is not…what should I do?

  • Remember, regardless of league, the games will be played on familiar fields in Laguna Niguel. It would be like having kids in two different age groups in the same league.  Game schedules may conflict no matter which league you choose.  Your decision should be based on your children getting to play soccer..period.

Should my daughter get her ears pierced during the Season?

  • Because this is recreational soccer, we must be concerned about safety. The wide variety of skill levels represented, especially at the younger ages, really dictates that we must protect the children from accidents as much as possible. Many things can happen to an exposed earring, including getting caught and ripping the ear lobe, getting pushed into the side of the head, and even just getting lost (which sometimes seems to be more traumatic than getting injured). Please plan your ear piercing to not occur during soccer season!

When does the season start?

  • The Fall season starts in early September (usually the week school starts)
  • Fall Practices start in the middle of August (U8-U19 Divisions)
  • Practices will be appropriate to age group.
  • The Spring season starts in early March

What are the programs that LNYSA will offer?

  • Mini-kickers: Age 4 to 5
  • Recreation league: Age 5-19 (All abilities are welcome and encouraged, no experience necessary)
  • Signature League: Age 9-14 (Competitive league-try-outs required)
  • Competitive Soccer –  Laguna United Futbol Club
  • TopSoccer League: Age 5-19 (Special needs division)
  • AllStars Program
  • Winter & Summer Camps
  • Pick Up Games
  • Academy (specialized training for players)

Will LNYSA do background checks on coaches and volunteers?

Yes, each coach, referee and board member is fingerprinted and once fingerprinted has their prints run through a database every several weeks. For more information, see CalSouth’s Kidsafe Program information Some organizations only  do random checks on a small percentage of the volunteers and can easily miss possible problems.  Coaches in LNYSA do not have to provide SSN#s for applications.  In an era of identify theft this should be reassuring to coaches.

What about the principles of fair play…every child plays, balanced teams, positive coaching & sportsmanship. Are those  philosophies applied at LNYSA?

  • Absolutely.  Every child plays is fundamental to the program.
  • Team balancing is done in an improved manner using coach input, historical data and a set of software programs to create balanced teams that allow for greater competition across divisions.  No one wants to see teams have all the wins! And especially all the losses!

Does LNYSA have an All-Star program?

  • Absolutely! An All-Star program will be in place for the fall season.  There will also be a “Commissioner’s Cup” for participation in recreational league championships. Other Orange County CalSouth leagues are already participating in these programs.
  • The details of the program are in development and will be announced at a later date.

I have a special needs child.  Does LNYSA have a program for them?

  • Yes, we do!  Calsouth supports the TopSoccer program, which is one of the best around.  The program offers many wonderful elements to support children of all abilities. Contact our TopSoccer directors to find out more

How does the referee program work?

  • Referees certified by other organizations are allowed to ref for LNYSA recreational leagues; no need to gain separate certification. Talk to our Ref Administrator about his mentorship programs.
  • Parents wanting to gain referee certification will be offered classes by highly trained referees.
  • Referees that want to advance to inter-league and Signature play will need to take the USSF R9 (one-day) course. You will then be qualified to ref in any CalSouth affiliated league.

Is LNYSA owned by CalSouth?

  • No.  LNYSA, Inc., is a separate corporation based here in Laguna Niguel. It is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation organized under the laws of California.
  • LNYSA is a member of CalSouth, which is the Southern California affiliate of United States Youth Soccer (USYSA), the largest youth soccer organization in the USA with over 3.4 million players.  CalSouth requires that all its members be non-profit entities.

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