Jun 04

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Frequently Asked Questions

When & how do I sign up my child?

For the Fall Season we start registration online in March each year with the option to also go to a Walk-in registration if you prefer to meet the Board, ask any questions and register your child in person.  The Fall Season starts in September and runs to late October.

For Spring Soccer, player registration starts in December, Teams form in January,  Coaches contact parents to collect player forms and the Spring fees by the end of January.  Practices Start in mid February, with games starting in early March.  For more information see Spring Information

What kind of coaching can we expect from LNYSA?

  • Many if not most of the coaches have come from other soccer organizations.  They are trained and many have years of experience.
  • LNYSA will continue to train coaches under the Cal South and USSF Coaching Program.
  • Coaching clinics will be conducted through out the summer to train coaches.
  • If you are interested in coaching we encourage you to sign up for coaching clinics.
  • There will also be a Women´s Coaching Alliance program to encourage women to get involved in coaching! Women make excellent coaches!

What are the programs that LNYSA will offer?

  • Mini-kickers: Age 4 to 5
  • Recreation league: Age 5-19 (All abilities are welcome and encouraged, no experience necessary)
  • Signature League: Age 9-14 (Competitive league-try-outs required. )
  • TopSoccer League: Age 5-19 (Special needs division)

Will LNYSA do background checks on coaches and volunteers?

Yes, each coach, referee and board member will be fingerprinted and will submit an application that is submitted to the California Attorney General’s office. Once this information is submitted, there are continuous updates to the status of all volunteers. For more information, see CalSouth’s Kidsafe Program information.
Some organizations only  do random checks on a small percentage of the volunteers.
Coaches in LNYSA will not have to provide SSN#s for applications.  In an era of identify theft this should be reassuring to coaches.


Does LNYSA have a refund policy?

  • Yes.  LNYSA will offer a full refund of fees for any child that has not practiced or played in a game.
  • All refund requests must be submitted to LNYSA prior to October 1st.
  • For details and the form, please go to the Refund Page


What about the principles of fair play…everybody plays, balanced teams, positive coaching & sportsmanship. Will those  philosophies be applied at LNYSA?

  • Absolutely.  Every child plays is fundamental to the program.
  • Team balancing will be done in an improved manner to allow for greater competition across divisions.  No one wants to see teams have all the wins! And especially all the losses!

Will LNYSA have an All-Star program?

  • Absolutely! An All-Star program will be in place for the fall season.  There will also be a “Commissioner’s Cup” for participation in recreational league championships. Other Orange County CalSouth leagues are already participating in these programs.
  • The details of the program are in development and will be announced at a later date.

How will the referee program work?

  • Referees certified by other organizations will be allowed to ref for LNYSA recreational leagues; no need to gain separate certification.
  • Parents wanting to gain referee certification will be offered classes by highly trained referees.
  • Referees that want to advance to inter-league and Signature play will need to take the USSF R9 (one-day) course. You will then be qualified to ref in any CalSouth affiliated league.

Is LNYSA owned by CalSouth?

  • No.  LNYSA, Inc., is a separate corporation based here in Laguna Niguel. It is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation organized under the laws of California.
  • LNYSA is a member of CalSouth, which is the Southern California affiliate of United States Youth Soccer (USYSA), the largest youth soccer organization in the USA with over 3.4 million players.  CalSouth requires that all its members be non-profit entities.

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