Mar 16

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Fantastic 4v4 is Simply Fantastic!

Fan 4 creates a player-centric environment without pressure from significant others (coaches, parents), where children can play soccer on their own terms, enjoy themselves more, be more creative, and experiment, while at the same time getting more touches, more goals, playing more of the field, and ultimately becoming more complete players than they are able to by relying solely on a traditional, coach-centric environment.

Fantastic 4v4 is only offered in the Spring, with registration around January or February.

Please see the positive feedback below from Fan 4 parents:

May 10, 2010 

“Hi Cary,

Noah (boy age 6) can’t stop talking about Fan 4. Since the last day, he has been asking, “why is it over? when will 4×4 start again?”

The concept of a year away, is a hard one for him! Fall team was and is great, but the Fan 4 was truly extra special.

I just wanted you to know how it touched one boy, and also to thank you for all your work and dedicated efforts that made it possible.

I think all goals are met, if kids are so excited and positive about the experience.

Thanks for All!

Haya & Jake

parents of Noah”



May 3, 2010
“Thank you for the wonderful, positive experience my daughter Leyla had in Fan 4 Soccer!  It was her (our) first time playing LNYSA soccer, and she gained so much confidence — it provided the perfect experience for her to learn about soccer, experience playing with other girls her age and not be stressed about winning the game.  The patches are such a great reward, and as they said at the opening night meeting, my daughter really tried hard just to get a different patch each week! 
Not sure when it might even fit into the calendar, but my older daughter (G-10) would have also benefited from a Fan 4 like experience.  She played regular recreational soccer this Spring and it was a challenge for her to “catch up” with some of the more experienced girls in her division.   We did the Winter camp and that was very helpful, but nothing like what Leyla experienced through Fan 4.
The tournament was amazingly well organized, and having spiritwear for us newcomers to snap up was perfect.  Leyla also really enjoyed getting an ice cream — so glad we could also buy one for our older daughter so we could keep the peace in the household!
Please also extend our thanks and appreciation to our Field Marshall — he was always kind and supportive when I had to dash off and retrieve my older daughter from another field.  We’ll do our best to spread a positive word about your program — hope to see you all again next Spring!

April 20, 2010


I’m taking this opportunity to say THANK YOU for all your hard work with Fantasic 4v4! My daughter loves the program and can’t wait for 2:15pm every Saturday. The patches are a terrific reward for the kids, too.

Thank you for all you do for soccer in Laguna Niguel.




March 24, 2010

“….Fan 4 is not focused on coaching.  But that is why I like it.  My boys have had great coaches who taught and showed them how to play the game.  The Fan 4 now lets them figure the game out on their own without any pressure.  My youngest made 13 goals on Saturday.  On his own, without any intervention, he began passing the ball to his teammates so they could score goals as well.  He probably wouldn’t have done that on a team as he looks to the coach to tell him what to do.

Bottom line, the Fan 4 provides freedome to the players.

-Eric P.”



March 15, 2010

“Dear LNYSA Board Members,

Yesterday was our second day for Spring Soccer for my U8/U9 daughter and the new Fantastic 4X4 format. I must admit that at first glance this format seems to me to be a little strange. I asked my Daughter what she thought about this new soccer format. I thought you would like to here some of her comments.

“Dad, I loved soccer today. This was the best soccer day I have ever had.”

“Why can’t we play this way every day?”

“Did you know that I scored 7 goals today. That is more than I scored all last season”

The format might seem strange to adults, but my Daughter loved it! Not sure who came up with this idea but I sure am glad you did. LNYSA rocks!

Thanks for everything.

-Shane G.”








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LNYSA’s innovative new program for U6 to U8 players, Fantastic 4, is off to a great start.  Says parent Samantha Tracey:

“Great start yesterday to this new program!  My daughter had a fantastic time (pun intended! Grin), and is very excited about the season!”

It’s not too late to sign up for Fantastic 4 Spring Soccer.  Bring three copies of a completed Registration Formto Marina Hills Park on any Saturday at 12:15pm, along with the Registration Fee of $75. We will have a uniform at the park!  Remember to bring outdoor shoes and shin guards for your Fantastic 4 player!

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