Sep 01

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Fall 2015 Opening Day – Street Soccer in Laguna Niguel!


On Fall 2015 Opening Day, LNYSA will celebrate US Youth Soccer National Street Soccer Day by bringing small-sided games to all of our U8-U14 recreational teams for the first day of play. Instead of playing in traditional format (11v11, 9v9, etc), U8-U14 teams will play small-sided games – Street Soccer Style!

Why small-sided games?

  • Getting Ready for the season: more touches on a small-sided field will help your players prepare for the season.
  • You asked for it: When we moved to this format for Opening Day, the response from kids, parents and coaches was very positive.
  • FUN: Whenever LNYSA holds small-sided tournaments, leagues, parents, coaches and especially players have all told us how much they like the format. Every player on the field is much more involved in the match – they touch the ball more and every player has an impact on the game.

The “Small-Sided” environment is a developmentally appropriate environment for our young soccer players. It’s a FUN environment that focuses on the player.

Each small-sided team will have two matches. Each age group will play all matches on the same main field. Traditional fields will be divided into two, three or four fields for small-sided play. Guidelines are below. Wherever possible, we have scheduled both of the coach’s teams to play at the same time. That is intentional; part of the philosophy behind ‘street soccer’ is to let players learn the game from the best teacher – the game.

Rules: FIFA rules are modified as set forth in the Opening Day Small Sided Rules Some highlights in the rules:

  • Short halves, no stoppage in play, a 5 minute break between halves
  • Open substitution, any time, whether play is stopped or started
  • No throw-ins; re-start when the play is stopped by a ball going over the touch line is accomplished with a ‘kick-in’
  • All teams must have a goalkeeper

Schedules for Opening Day are below.  Select your Age Group and Gender to see your games.

[warning]Remember – many coaches have two teams.  Look for matches with your name on it – they are usually at the same time on side-by-side fields.[/warning]

If you have questions, please contact the Division Director for your Age Group.


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