Jun 22

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Questions about Fall Soccer? Contact your Division Director

Div DirThe LNYSA Fall Program season begins in late August. Players will be placed on teams after they have registered to play with LNYSA. As space may be limited in some age divisions, players may be placed on a wait list. Every attempt will be made to place as many players on a team as possible before registration is closed. (To learn how to register your player, click here.)

IMPORTANT: The division that players are assigned to has changed per US Youth Soccer Guidelines. Starting last year, players are assigned to Age Groups based on the calendar year of the player’s birth, rather than the old system of an August 1 cut off date. Please check below the Division your player will be assigned to based on the year of birth.

Teams in 2009 to 1999 divisions will be rated and balanced in August. Team coaches will then plan to call their players to inform them of their player status and about team practice. Teams in 2012 to 2010 divisions will be formed in late August and communication to parents will subsequently be made by their coaches. Please talk with your team coach to learn about where and when practices will be held, in addition to any other concerns you have about your player’s participation in the LNYSA Fall soccer program.

Additional questions may be answered by the Division Director for your child’s age group. Email is generally the fastest way to get a response. Contact the appropriate Division Director below by sending an email to firstname.lastname@lnsya.org.

Division Birth Years Name Email
Boys 1999-2001 1999, 2000, 2001 Greg Hefter & Claude Naujock greg.hefter@lnysa.org
Girls 1999-2001 1999, 2000, 2001 Greg Hefter & Claude Naujock greg.hefter@lnysa.org
Boys 2002-2003 2002, 2003 Greg Hefter & Claude Naujock claude.naujock@lnysa.org
Girls 2002-2003 2002, 2003 Greg Hefter & Claude Naujock claude.naujock@lnysa.org
Boys 2004-2005 2004, 2005 Bill Zauner william.zauner@lnysa.org
Girls 2004-2005 2004, 2005 Bill Zauner william.zauner@lnysa.org
Boys 2006-2007 2006, 2007 Mike Harris michael.harris@lnysa.org
Girls 2006-2007 2006, 2007 Jill Stewart jill.stewart@lnysa.org
Boys 2008 2008 Mark Chiaverini mark.chiaverini@lnysa.org
Girls 2008-2009 2008, 2009 Michael McKernan mike.mckernan@lnysa.org
Boys 2009 2009 Neno Grguric neno.grguric@lnysa.org
Boys 2010 2010 Trevor Slavick trevor.slavick@lnysa.org
Girls 2010 2010 Michael Gerard  mike.gerard@lnysa.org
Boys 2011 2011 Aaron Fry  Aaron.Fry@lnysa.org
Girls 2011 2011 Michael McKernan mike.mckernan@lnysa.org
Boys 2012 2012 Ann Lai ann.lai@lnysa.org
Girls 2012 2012 Sam Zidbeck sam.zidbeck@lnysa.org
Mini-kickers 2013, 2014, 2015 Andre Andraos mini-kickers@lnysa.org

For inquiries concerning other programs such as Signature, TOPSoccer or Club soccer, please reach out to the following Program Directors. For a complete list of contacts, see the LNYSA Board list.

Signature League Kevin Swanson kevin.swanson@lnysa.org
Club Soccer Sam Nicholson sam.nicholson@lagunaunited.org
TOPSoccer Tim Burke tim.burke@lnysa.org



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