Nov 20

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Commissioners Cup Tournament 2015

LNYSA Divisional finalists in the U10-U14 age groups are invited to play in the Intercity Tournament called the Commissioner’s Cup each year in December.

LNYSA teams compete against recreational teams in Cal South’s District 3 over two weekends of play.  The Tournament is played under F.I.F.A. Laws except as modified by Cal South league rules.

2015 Commissioners Cup Play Dates:  December 5th-6th and 12th

Please Congratulate the following teams for qualifying this year!

BU10-Noonan, BU10-Marantz

GU10-Alcantara, GU10-Geiss

BU12-Klause, BU12-Gardner



GU14-Reed, GU14-Clement


The playing format is typically  as follows:

“The first weekend is round robin format.  The second weekend the final 8 play on Saturday with the Finals (1st & 2nd) & Runner Up games (3rd & 4th) played on the Sunday.” Lubo Svrakov.

2015 Commissioners Cup Summary
3 play days Dec. 5, 6 and 12
80 teams
1181 players
137 games
12 total fields used
10 leagues
6 champions and 6 finalists

if you have any questions that you were unable to find answers to in the FAQ section please reach out to Lubo Svrakov LNYSA Commissioners Cup Director  – good luck in the tournament.

Coaches – you must have Calsouth player id cards and Release Forms for all you players.  Please Click here for instructions on how to print the forms and to upload photos for player id cards

Commissioners Cup Frequently asked Questions

 Commissioners Cup 2014 Schedule information (To be added when published)




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