Nov 18

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Commissioners Cup Tournament 2014

LNYSA Divisional finalists in the U10-U14 age groups are invited to play in the Intercity Tournament called the Commissioner’s Cup each year in December.

LNYSA teams compete against recreational teams in Cal South’s District 3 over two weekends of play.  The Tournament is played under F.I.F.A. Laws except as modified by Cal South and North Orange County Intercity League rules.

2014 Commissioners Cup Play Dates:  December 6th-7th and 13th-14th

Please Congratulate the following teams for qualifying this year!


Gerbosi-BU10, Horgan-BU10

Tomaiko-GU12, Harris-GU12

Crivello-BU12, Bauman-BU12


[important]Coaches – you must have Calsouth player id cards and Release Forms for all you players.  Please Click here for instructions on how to print the forms and to upload photos for player id cards [/important]

The playing format is typically  as follows:

“The first weekend is round robin format.  The second weekend the final 8 play on Saturday with the Finals (1st & 2nd) & Runner Up games (3rd & 4th) played on the Sunday.” Mike Harris.


General Locations for Games (the published schedule will show exact locations- this is guide)

Div         Host League      Fields

BU10     OJSC           OJSC-Grijalva Community Park
BU12     LNYSA         Bear Brand, Chapps, CVL
BU14     JUSA            Bernardo Yorba Middle School, Sierra Vista Elementary

GU10     JUSA          Morse Elementary
GU12     BREA          Brea Junior High , Tamarack Park
GU14     JUSA          Vista Del Verde ParkBrush Canyon

Mudlines for these Cities:

BREA                     714-671-4437         Link
JUSA                      714-777-5872         Link
LNYSA                   949-362-4351 x3    Link
714-771-6572          Link

Email Mike Harris LNYSA Commissioners Cup Director for additional Information

Commissioners Cup Frequently asked Questions

 Commissioners Cup 2014 Schedule information




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