Jan 27

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Coaches Alert: Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports initiative


A lot of discussion has occurred in the last few years on the subject of Concussion in Soccer. Calsouth has taken a very proactive stance asking their coaches to go through the CDC program on Concusions.  This program is online and available to all LNYSA coaches so please take the time to review the course material.

Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports

To help ensure the health and safety of young athletes, CDC developed the Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports initiative to offer information about concussions to coaches, parents, and athletes involved in youth sports. The Heads Up initiative provides important information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion.

Reference Material:

Online Training Course for Youth Sports Overview Online Video Coach Fact Sheet Parent Fact Sheet

Study: Girls more likely to sustain concussions in soccer – CBS Atlanta
Study: Soccer head butts can cause brain damage – CNN.com Blogs

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