Mar 24

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Choose the Right Soccer Organization for Your Child

LNYSA Kids Pick

Laguna Niguel Parents – Choose the Right Soccer Organization for Your Child

Mark Thacker, President, LNYSA, Inc.

Hello Laguna Niguel families,

Every year in August and September, I receive dozens of calls and emails from parents asking that I allow their child to be placed on a team though the season has already started.  Why do I get these requests?  Because parents have been misinformed and they signed up for other soccer organizations.  The parents show up to practices and games and realize that their children are not playing with school mates and friends, that they often have to go out of town to play recreational matches, that the opportunities for advanced training is very limited, that there are not enough coaches and volunteers, that practices are at odd times & locations.  They realize too late that they should have signed up for Laguna Niguel’s largest, most organized and best youth soccer organization – LNYSA.

Whenever possible, we try to accommodate these late sign ups.  But there are always disappointments – some times an age group is already full or a player can’t be placed on a schoolmate’s team.  We are asking new families and returning families to sign up NOW for LNYSA’s Fall 2014 season to avoid these disappointments.  If you or a family you know live in Laguna Niguel and have not played in LNYSA before, tell us about the family by following this link.  If that family signs up for LNYSA Fall 2014, we will give you a 50% discount on any of LNYSA’s spring or summer soccer camps that are taught by our professional coaches.

Best regards

Mark Thacker

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