Jun 07

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Fall Coaches: Checking your Roster and Printing your Player Waivers

ATTN: Fall 2011 Coaches,

Once your Fall team has been formed and activated in the LNYSA Player registration system (CORIS) you can logon and verify the roster & print the player roster and player waivers.  You can also verify all of your coaching information such as contact details and coach certifications. (to print rosters see the info below)

If you notice errors in the Player rosters please email the League Registrar

If you notice errors in your Coach Certifciation please email  Coach Admin



To print rosters you must have a Team Manager, Head Coach or Assistant Coach account on the Online System

If you do not have an account on the system, contact the League Registrar, Vickie Conner

You must also have Popup Blockers turned off in order to proceed with printing.

1) Sign on with your username and password

2) Click “Edit” where your team is listed

3) Click on Print Roster Button located at the bottom of your team roster screen.

[This should open the roster in the Crystal reports screen].


NOTE – In the Crystal Report window there are icons that allow you to perform

the following functions. By hovering over the icon the system will inform you

what function it performs.


a. Export to a different file format –

b. Print –

c. Group Hide Tree (rosters are always aligned to the right, to

move to flush left, you will need to close the tree using this icon


4) Once you have opened the roster, click on the print icon to print your roster.

5) Another window will open select all and click the Print button

6) If your internet browser has placed a security bar in your Window you will

need to repeat Steps 4 & 5 at which time you will be prompted to open or

save to save the roster.

TIP: (If you choose to save we recommend saving to your desktop)


7) Click on “Open” which opens the roster in Adobe Reader

8) Click on the Printer Icon located in the Window tool bar – and then select OK.


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