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Asking for Practice Space

Each year LNYSA sets up teams for Seasonal practices starting in mid-August for the Fall season, and February/March for the Spring season. The process is as follows:

– LNYSA request field space from the City of Laguna Niguel
– We add the permitted space to our field management tool, i.e green areas below
LNYSA Permiited Field Space

– Coaches will receive an email asking for their Practice preferences; the purpose of the request is to note your preferences for your practice and your priorities. It is important to tell LNSYA what is MOST important to you (see below).
LD Screen11 Coach Portal

– Once coaches have logged into the coach portal and recorded their responses, we start the process of matching requests to available field slots. REMEMBER, the “green areas” on the field diagram show permitted space. If it’s not GREEN, it’s not an OPTION.

– The last step is publishing the practice plan at under the practice tab FOR YOU to see. It takes one to two weeks to produce a plan for all of the teams, so please be patient.
LD Screen12 Practice Build


– Try to practice with a team in the same age group as your own, so you can arrange scrimmages during the week, as the GAME is the best teacher.
– Younger teams need to start from 4PM and be on grass (unlit fields). Parents of younger kids will not want to be on a field late during the school semester.
– Once we have all teams on fields, coaches for Younger teams can make a request to to move to OPEN slots if they see another field/time that they would prefer.

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