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LNYSA AllStars in January 2016

LNYSA AllStar teams in the U10 to U14 Divisions will play in the Cal South AllStar Tournament during January 2016.

The LNYSA teams compete against recreational teams in Cal South’s District 3 during two weekends of play. The Tournament is played under F.I.F.A. Laws except as modified by Cal South rules.

Program fees and uniforms are covered by LNYSA. Parents are required to cover only the referee fees at the games and the purchase of optional AllStar gear.

AllStar practices may start the 1st or 2nd week of December. LNYSA will not schedule any practices during the holiday break (December 23 – January 3). Contact your AllStar Coach regarding actual times and field locations.

2016 AllStar Play Dates:  January 9th-10th and 16th-17th

The playing format is typically as follows:

The first weekend is round robin format. The final eight teams play on Saturday of the second weekend, with the Final (1st & 2nd place teams) and Runner Up (3rd & 4th place) games played on Sunday.

The AllStar teams representing LNYSA in the 2016 AllStars are as follows :

Team ID  Team Name Lvl Age Club Name Coach
0368-01RB10-1769 BU10AS-Marantz R BU10 Laguna Niguel Youth Soccer Association Thomas Marantz
0368-01RB12-1770 BU12AS-Foster R BU12 Laguna Niguel Youth Soccer Association Traci Foster
0368-01RB14-1773 BU14AS-Alexandrou R BU14 Laguna Niguel Youth Soccer Association Demetri Alexandrou
0368-01RG10-1768 GU10AS-Alcantara R GU10 Laguna Niguel Youth Soccer Association Neil Alcantara
0368-01RG12-1771 GU12AS-Ashcroft R GU12 Laguna Niguel Youth Soccer Association Gary Ashcroft
0368-01RG14-1772 GU14AS-Clement R GU14 Laguna Niguel Youth Soccer Association Bill Clements


Please email Lubo Svrakov for any additional program or scheduling information.

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Information regarding AllStar Gear

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