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What Division Will My Child Play?

As LNYSA makes the transition to the new US Soccer Youth Developmental Guidelines, there are some questions about which age group or division where players will be placed.  In short, the child’s birth year determines the age group; we no longer have an August 1 cut off date. To help parents understand how the age groups compare to the old division, we have created the Age Group and Division calculator.

For Recreational soccer, some divisions are combined age groups (for example, U11 and U12 age groups are in the U12 Division) so look at the table below to determine which division your child will play.  For Signature, the Age Group corresponds to the division for U9 through U15.  There are no Signature divisions for U8 and younger and U16 and older.


Fall Recreational Soccer

Age Group


Mini-kicker Mini-kicker
2011 (U6) 2011 (U6)
2010 (U7) 2010 (U7)
2009 (U8) 2009 (U8)
2008 (U9) 2008 (U9)
2007 (U10) 2007 (U10)
2006 (U11) 2005/06 (U12)
2005 (U12)
2004 (U13) 2003/04 (U14)
2003 (U14)
2002 (U15) 2001/02 (U16)
2001 (U16)
2000 (U17) 98 to 00 (U19)
1999 (U18)
1998 (U19)


Playing Up and Playing Down

In a small number of cases, a child’s birth year is not a good way to determine the appropriate Division and they end up in an older division than most of their school peers.  You can request to play up by responding to the parent information survey that you will receive prior to the beginning of the season.  If you don’t reply to the request for information, your request will not be considered, so be sure we have your current email address.  LNYSA Division Director and Coach Administration will determine whether it is developmentally appropriate for a child to play up and you will be informed of the decision.  This request must be made for each season; the player will not be automatically approved to play up if they played in an older division the season prior.  We will not approve play up requests in order to put siblings or friends in the same age group for carpooling or other convenience reasons.  We must receive the request by filling out the player survey; email requests to the registrar or division director will not be considered.

Due to insurance requirements and Cal South regulations, children are not allowed to ‘play down’ in a younger age group unless there is an exceptional medical circumstance.  If you believe there are such exceptional circumstances, please contact our registrar at to request to play down.

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