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LNYSA is the largest volunteer run youth sports program in Laguna Niguel. The program has grown dramatically in both size and variety of activities offered since it started in June 2008. LNYSA supports more than 2200 players, playing soccer principally during the Fall and Spring seasons (not including the Club arm of LNYSA, called Laguna United Football Club).

LNYSA offers a number of marketing and advertising programs to its members and the local community. We work with small to large businesses in the local community which are able to offer value to LNYSA members and volunteers. For demographic information on the LNYSA membership base and additional program information, please review the information and links below. We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about LNYSA.

As a local sports organization in Laguna Niguel, CA, we run several large events per year (Photo Day, LUFC Carnival, Fall Festival, Spring Tournament, Youth Academy Days with Cal South) that attract between 1000-2000 players and parents. These events are ideal opportunities for local sponsors to participate.

LNYSA Benefits

  • LNYSA supports more than 2200 players (4-19 years old), 3500 parents, and hundreds of volunteers living and working in and around the local community interested in youth sports.
  • LNYSA enables you to target an audience interested in youth sports
  • LNYSA runs a Fall and Spring Season, player camps, multiple events, and a local gaming circuit on more than 10 fields in Laguna Niguel.
  • LNYSA consist of multiple levels of soccer, beginning with its Mini-Kicker program (age 4+) all the way to Club level (age U19).
  • LNYSA supports a local, family-friendly platform, providing stats on your program spend
  • LNYSA is a local nonprofit and youth sports community organization

LNYSA Programs


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