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Winter 5v5 Schedule

Games Start on January 16th until February 27th – All Played in Laguna Niguel!


  • Coaches/Parents please review the program FAQs or the Winter 5v5 rules for general information  
  • For specific scheduling questions email the winter soccer scheduling team
  • For team registration questions or  payments please email the 5v5 Soccer Director
  • Coaches have been sent the email addresses for the other coaches in their Division so they can manage any reschedules directly. (email had a subject of Winter 5v5 “your Division”)
  • Coaches Saturday MakeUp Slots (1hr) are viewable on the schedule on a first come first serve basis – Talk to the other Coach & Notify when you change a game. 
  • To find your team’s full schedule use the “All teams” drop down to select your schedule (ensure other selector buttons are set to “All ages” “All groups” “All fields”  then select your team in the “All teams” drop down) 
  • REMEMBER to scroll all the way down the page to see all of the games in an age group!
  • Field Black Out Dates: CROWN VALLEY will have the OC Triathlon from 11:30am  on Jan 30th

USEFUL INFO :   Team Roster      Winter 5v5 rules      program FAQs         Schedule (full screen)






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