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LNYSA Practice Schedule

Spring Practice Schedule  (Practice Schedule updated  Sunday Feb 26th  @ 6am)

The Practice schedule is published.  Please visit this page regularly during the first week of the Season as it is likely to change.  Please be patient as  field space is limited until March 12th when we will be able to utilize more time on the non-light fields.  (Marina Hills, Juaneno, Crown Valley Upper, Niguel Hills)

When are the Academy Sessions? The Academy Sessions are published on the practice plan but for reference here are the dates starting the week of March 6th.

U6 (2011) Boys and Girls – Tuesday 4-5 pm @ Marina Hills

U7 (2010) Boys and Girls – Tuesday 5-6 pm @ Marina Hills

U8 (2009) Boys and Girls – Wednesday 4-5 pm @ Bear Brand

U10 (2007/08) Boys – Wednesday 5-6 pm @ Bear Brand

U10 (2007/08) Girls – Thursday 4-5pm  @ Bear Brand

U12 (2205/06) Boys & Girls – Thursday 5-6 pm @ Bear Brand


Coaches, what do we expect of you? Coaches, please ensure you are respectful of all our members using the fields. Please do not enter the field until your allocated practice time and leave the field promptly at the end of your allocated practice. Please do not “host” meetings in the middle of the field at the end of your practice, but move to the side line area if you need to talk to parents and players. Also, if you need to move goals, be very careful and do not let small kids move heavy goals.

What should you do if someone else is using the field during your practice time? First, find out if they are with LNYSA/LUFC and,if we have double booked a field, please try to work it out  with the coach and text (949) 307-7913 or  (949) 285-9170 so we can work to resolve as soon as possible. If the group has nothing to do with LNYSA/LUFC, CALL City Patrol at (949) 795-4309 and explain you are a coach with LNYSA/LUFC and the problem you are experiencing.

What should you do if the Lights do not come on 15 minutes prior to my practice time?  If you have any issues with LIGHTING problems, please CALL City Patrol at (949) 795-4309, explain you are a coach with LNYSA/LUFC and the problem you are experiencing.

Do I need to follow any City mandated policies during practices?  Yes, please read the City mandated Practice Rotation policies published here.

How do I find available field space during the Spring?  Look for the “green areas” showing permitted time on the LNYSA field availability plan for the Fall Season.  then email requesting field space telling us about your need, time, date, duration of use.

How do book a Practice time?  You will get an email from field bookings asking for your practice preferences for the Season.  A link in the email will take you to the Coach Portal where you can answer a few questions to tell us about your practice preferences for the Season. Check out this Quick Guide  –

How do I change my Practice time?  If you see an open slot on the practice plan and you would like to move to it then please email fieldbookings so the request can be reviewed and the Schedule can be updated.  The Practice plan does not show all field bookings so it is possible the slot is not open but this will be confirmed by the FieldBookings team.  (see field availability here)

How do I find out if my request for a field for a scrimmage/event has been booked?  Once a request has been sent to FIELDBOOKINGS and the field slot has been booked it will appear on the LNYSA web booking sheet

How do I find my practice?  The default VIEW is by field, to see by age group select the “switch to list view” ICON (can be found above MONDAY), then select the age in “All ages.”

What are the Season dates for the Travel Teams?  The Travel Team Season Starts on March 4th until May 13th, the Play off games are May 20/21st 2017.



IMPORTANT LINKS:  Practice Schedule(List View)     Booking Sheet       Field Availability       Practice Rotation Policy      Field Questions/Inquiries      Coach Portal    How to Select a Practice Field



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Booking a Field

If you need to make a field booking request for a scrimmage, make up game or temporarily move a practice please follow the following steps.  ADVANCED NOTICE IS NEEDED TO BOOK A FIELD.  (see Notes below) (1) Check the field availability chart to find OPEN FIELD space. (2) Verify the field availability chart (LNYSA permits are in green – we …

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